Art Circle Gallery: Nurturing Filipino Artistry Since 1991

Art Circle Gallery

Art Circle Gallery

The Art Circle Gallery, an institution deeply rooted in the promotion of Philippine Visual Arts, has been a cornerstone in shaping the Filipino art scene since its inception in 1991. Driven by the vision of owners Pipo and Kitten Alcantara, the gallery stands as a testament to the resilience and richness of Filipino artistry.

Championing the Best of Philippine Art

At the heart of Art Circle Gallery’s ethos is the commitment to uplift and showcase Filipino artists. From legendary masters like Fernando Amorsolo and Frederico Alcuaz to modern visionaries such as Manuel Baldemor and Michael Cacnio, the gallery has always striven to offer a platform for diverse Filipino artistic voices.

Catalyzing the Filipino Art Movement

The 90s witnessed a cultural renaissance in the Philippines, with local art gaining traction alongside OPM and pop culture. Amidst this backdrop, Art Circle Gallery emerged as a beacon, not just offering art pieces but also inspiring and aspiring to drive forward the narrative of Filipino artistry. The gallery has remained relentless in its mission, bringing art closer to the Filipino audience, and cultivating the next generation of artists.

An Art Haven Across Metro Manila

With a presence in nine key locations across Metro Manila, Art Circle Gallery has the distinction of being the largest art gallery chain in the country. Beyond merely being spaces to display art, these galleries are cultural hubs where art enthusiasts, novices, and seasoned collectors converge to partake in visual dialogues, deepening their bond with Philippine heritage.

Cultural Enrichment Through Art

In recent times, the Art Circle Gallery has transcended the role of a traditional gallery. Through art exhibitions, seminars, and workshops, it seeks to underline the cultural and social relevance of art. These initiatives invite a broader audience to immerse themselves in the world of art, understanding its nuances and fostering a stronger connection to Filipino artistic traditions.


  • What is the Art Circle Gallery, and what drives its purpose? Art Circle Gallery, established in 1991, champions Philippine Visual Arts. The gallery’s mission is multi-pronged: to serve as an ambassador for Filipino art, instill art appreciation in newer generations, and nurture local artists. Through exhibitions, collaborations, and educational initiatives, the gallery envisions a vibrant art community that dialogues through visual narratives.
  • Which artists and artworks have been notably affiliated with the Art Circle Gallery? The gallery’s roster includes illustrious names like Fernando Amorsolo, and Frederico Alcuaz, and contemporary talents such as Manuel Baldemor and Michael Cacnio. Their works reflect the essence of the Filipino spirit, resonating with themes and values that have stood the test of time.
  • How does the Art Circle Gallery foster emerging Filipino talent? Beyond providing a platform for showcasing their works, Art Circle Gallery actively assists budding artists through mentorships, exhibitions, and workshops. The gallery’s initiatives play a pivotal role in elevating the presence and appreciation of emerging Filipino artists both locally and internationally.
  • What events or programs does the Art Circle Gallery undertake? Apart from art exhibitions, the gallery organizes workshops, seminars, and cultural events. These programs serve to deepen the understanding of art, bridging the gap between artists and enthusiasts and fostering a robust and inclusive art community.
  • How can one collaborate or engage with the Art Circle Gallery? Artists and enthusiasts interested in collaborating with Art Circle Gallery can reach out through their official channels. Participation in exhibitions, events, and workshops is encouraged. By being an active member of the Art Circle community, individuals can contribute and partake in the rich tapestry of Philippine art.


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