BRIA Homes: Pioneering Affordable Housing in the Philippines

bria homes

Key Takeaways:

  1. BRIA Homes is a prime subsidiary of the prestigious GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., under the Villar Group of Companies.
  2. The company is renowned for offering affordable, high-quality housing in over 50 residential projects nationwide.
  3. With 29,193 homes built across 22 provinces and 50+ cities/municipalities, their commitment to excellence is evident.
  4. BRIA Homes is not just about structures; it’s about building thriving communities, with a keen focus on sustainability and adapting to the digital age.
  5. Upholding its 5 core values, BRIA Homes embodies commitment, excellence, innovation, customer-centricity, and offering practical housing solutions.

BRIA Homes

bria homes

BRIA Homes, since its inception, has been an emblem of hope for countless Filipinos looking for affordable yet top-notch housing. Part of the Villar Group of Companies, this brand represents more than just homes; it symbolizes dreams realized and communities built.

The Foundation
Founded by the Villar Group of Companies, BRIA Homes shines as a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., a titan in the real estate domain in the Philippines. BRIA’s establishment marked a significant moment for the Villar Group as it began its foray into affordable housing communities. Today, BRIA stands tall, not just in its buildings but in its vast impact across the nation.

Expanding Horizons
Numbers paint a clear picture of BRIA’s remarkable journey. Having constructed over 29,193 homes, spread across 22 provinces and more than 50 cities/municipalities, BRIA’s commitment to excellence is clear as daylight. Their mission resonates loudly – providing affordable housing for every Filipino family, and their vision complements this, aiming to elevate the level of comfort and community for their customers.

The BRIA Legacy
It’s not just about houses, but homes. With its roots deeply grounded in the nationalistic objective of alleviating homelessness and enhancing the life quality of Filipinos, BRIA has redefined what it means to be a homebuilder. Their projects aren’t just buildings, they are thriving communities. With township projects as a unique differentiator, BRIA has carved a niche for itself, always keeping its customer’s needs at the forefront.

Furthermore, BRIA Homes has continuously evolved, embracing the digital revolution, and ensuring safety, convenience, and sustainability. One step at a time, the brand is making strides towards an environmentally sound Philippines.

Core Values Driving BRIA’s Success
The foundation of BRIA’s success isn’t just in bricks and mortar but in the values they uphold:

  • Economical/Practical: Ensuring every Filipino gets a shot at owning a high-quality home without breaking the bank.
  • Commitment: A steadfast dedication to delivering both quality homes and exceptional service.
  • Excellence: Striving to achieve the zenith in product, service, and employee performance.
  • Customer-centric/Professionalism: Prioritizing the customer’s needs and ensuring every interaction is professional and meaningful.
  • Innovation: Continually evolving, BRIA seeks ways to enhance its offerings and services, making homeownership a delightful journey.

BRIA Homes, with its indomitable spirit, unwavering commitment, and innovative approach, has transformed the Philippine real estate landscape. As the beacon of affordable housing in the country, BRIA Homes remains the preferred choice for countless Filipinos, today and always.


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