4 Reasons why visit the awesome Davao Crocodile Park

davao crocodile park

Davao City, Philippines, has a well-known tourist destination called Davao Crocodile Park. It was started by Mr. Sonny Dizon, a crocodile expert and conservationist from the Philippines, to advance ecotourism and crocodile conservation in the nation.

Over a thousand crocodiles live in the park, including the Philippine Crocodile, one of the most threatened species on the planet. Visitors can get up close and personal with these reptiles; some even get to handle a baby crocodile and take pictures with it.

The park also has other species besides crocodiles, like tigers, monkeys, birds, and snakes. Visitors can engage in various activities, including feeding the animals, viewing animal performances, and zipping over the crocodile enclosure.

In addition to providing entertainment, Davao Crocodile Park serves as a hub for crocodile study and conservation. The park runs a breeding program for the animals to increase the number of Philippine crocodiles in the wild.

Davao Crocodile Park is a must-see if

You’re into ecotourism and wildlife conservation. You will not only get a chance to get up close and personal with different crocodile species, but you’ll also discover how crucial it is to preserve these incredible creatures and their natural habitats.

Davao Crocodile Park: Crocodile


Kids can visit the Davao Crocodile Park without incident as long as an adult watches them. The park has put precautions such as appropriate signage, skilled employees, and secure enclosures to protect visitors’ safety.

Kids will undoubtedly enjoy the park’s many other activities, which include feeding the crocodiles and seeing animal displays. Playgrounds and other kid-friendly attractions are also available.

The preferred times to visit are early morning or late in the day when the weather is cooler. You can spend more time in the park during these times because it is less congested. The park’s schedule should be checked first, though, as some activities are only offered at particular times of the day.

In the city of Davao, there is a well-known tourist destination called Davao Crocodile Park. What to anticipate and how to organize your visit are listed below:

What to expect: 

There are numerous crocodile species in Davao Crocodile Park, as well as snakes, birds, and monkeys. Visitors can see crocodile feeding demonstrations, take pictures with various creatures, and see how wildlife is being conserved.


Visitors can explore the park’s other attractions, including the butterfly garden, bird sanctuary, and animal museum, and view crocodile feeding demonstrations. Additionally, you may get a close-up view of various reptiles and get up close and personal with animals like parrots and iguanas.

Accommodations and dining options: 

The park has some eateries where you can eat a quick snack or a full dinner. Additionally, there are shops where you may purchase mementos and souvenirs. There are various hotels and resorts nearby if you want to stay the night, as there are no lodgings inside the park.


If you are a person who enjoys eating, the Davao Crocodile Park has several eateries as well as coffee shops. Listed below are some of the available choices:

The Cocodrilos Restaurant– is the primary dining establishment in the park, providing both Filipino and other types of cuisine.

Pugad Cafe – is the name of a coffee shop that can be found close to the park’s entrance. They offer a selection of baked goods in addition to coffee.

Migi’s Kitchen – is a cozy eatery that serves traditional Filipino cuisine, including grilled meats and seafood.

Guests should be prepared to choose among different dining options inside the Davao Crocodile Park.

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