Experience the King of Fruits in the Durian Capital of the Philippines

Come join me on a mouthwatering journey to discover why Davao has earned its title as the Durian Capital of the Philippines!

As an adventurous foodie, I’m always seeking out authentic local culinary experiences when I travel. A trip to the Philippines isn’t complete without tasting its legendary durian, known as the “King of Fruits” across Southeast Asia.

From its intimidating spiky exterior to its overpowering aromatic flavor, durian evokes curiosity and temptation in equal measure. Many find the experience shocking at first, while durian aficionados are hopelessly addicted to its rich, custard-like flesh.

Davao, located on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, offers the ideal climate and soil for growing superior-quality durian. The lush Davao Region is home to thousands of smallholder durian farmers, with orchards dotting the landscapes of Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental, and Davao City.

During my backpacking trip, I discovered that Davao durian comes in many delectable varieties. Topping the list are Arancillo, with its bittersweet orange flesh, and the popular D101, known for its creamy texture and subtle sweetness. Other must-try varieties include Kob, D24, Monthong, Puyat, and Chanee.

The city of Davao celebrates its durian heritage each year with the colorful Durian Festival. This lively harvest festival allows visitors to sample an abundance of durian in all forms – fresh, candied, frozen or baked into cakes. You can even join a “Durian-Eating Contest” if you dare!

Beyond feasting on durian, I enjoyed chatting with local farmers at the festival who proudly shared their wisdom and stories. Their dedication and passion are evident in the outstanding fruit they cultivate.

So if you ever get the chance to visit the Philippines, be sure to stop by the Durian Capital. The unforgettable experience of savoring superior quality, farm-fresh durian straight from the source is an adventure for all the senses! Just be ready for the ride.


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